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How to drive in style

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Looking for inspiration we come across lots of great stuff. Lately we found out about Matt Hummel and Speed Collective. Putting it simple Steve is nuts about case. But not in the nitty gritty way many pople are but with true passion for the history of the cars. Of course he is not into any kind of cars but old Porsches. A 356 in particular. Between 1948 and 1965 Porsche build a good 73.000 of these master pieces. Although 40-70 horse powers sound moderate today a ride in one of those feels quite sporty. Anyhow, although most people would keep their 365 in a garage about 350 days a year Matt has a completely different approach taking the care wherever it would go. From the desert to the mountains and even trough the famous La Carrera Panamericana. Being enthusiastic and educated about cars but not taking them too serious has a bid coolness factor to it. Wouldn't you agree?


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