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Charles Tonner is a Berlin based product specialist who started a company to refurbish vintage luggage. Inspired by the explorers, adventurers and libertines throughout history we supply today's rebellious gentlemen and cosmopolitain bohemians with leather and travel goods. Our customers are individuals who do things their own way. With passion and in style.


Style does not fit into a dictated frame and is fundamentally different to fashion. It is developed over time and becomes a man’s signature once found. It goes beyond trends, establishes as timeless and underlines an individuals character. To support style in every dimension and assure the best quality, our products are solely handcrafted in Europe by long standing family businesses.


The products we manufacture have to be superior to the touch, age with dignity and convey craftsmanship and dedication in every detail. They are designed for men who appreciate timeless excellence; are repaired if necessary, and valued for years. As sign of appreciation for preserving the wild as playground for adventurers, we have committed to donating a tree for each item you buy in cooperation with the Naturefund foundation.



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